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Who Gets Notified When You File Bankruptcy?

Losing control of your finances is an overwhelming situation—leaving people with the fear of losing their assets, their security, and their reputation. Even though bankruptcy doesn’t carry a severe negative connotation, some people still worry that their friends or coworkers will find out. The good news is that only a few people will be notified when you file for bankruptcy. The Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney at The Huebner Law Firm, PC has put together a list of the people who get notified when you file bankruptcy.

Who Finds Out When I File for Bankruptcy?

There are various entities or people that will be notified when you file for bankruptcy. Some of the entities who will find out include:

  • Creditors: When you file for bankruptcy, you have to list your creditors, depending on whether the loans are unsecured, secured, or “priority” debts that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Once you list all your creditors, the court will issue a Notice of Commencement, Official Form 9, that informs all your creditors. This form prevents creditors from pursuing collections, making harassing phone calls, or filing lawsuits.
  • Landlords: If you’re renting, you must list your landlord when you’re filing for bankruptcy. They will be informed by the court. To remain in your home or apartment, you must assume the lease, file a reaffirmation agreement with the court, and keep your rent payments current. The agreement is needed to stay in our home during the bankruptcy proceedings. However, if you fall behind on your rent payments or you stop paying, the court can grant you an order to allow your landlord to evict you.
  • Priority Debt Creditors: If you are paying priority debts, you have to report it when you file for bankruptcy. Priority debts may include child or spousal support, student loans, or unpaid taxes. In this case your employer and the agency you make payments for will be notified that you filed for bankruptcy. Depending on your personal debts, your business partner or family member may be notified.

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