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Chapter 13 & Child Support Payment Plans

As parents, we want to do everything in our power to help with our children. Wherever life takes you–whether divorce, difficulty or otherwise– you have a personal responsibility for your children.

When bankruptcy comes into the picture and strains your obligations to your children, The Huebner Law Firm can help!

Court ordered Child Support obligations are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, but through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, in Texas, we can help you reestablish a payment plan along with your other debts. A Chapter 13 payment plan will allow you to catch up on your payments without the threat of additional court action on the arrearages, while you keep up-to-date with your future payments.

A Chapter 13 plan will also allow you to confidently pass your money onto your children, rather than harassing bill collectors.

Let’s put an end to the pressure of having to try to catch up on child support payments and “Friend of the Court” collection efforts while trying to service other harassing creditors. It’s time to file for protection under the U.S Bankruptcy Code. We’ll help you put your children first. Where they belong! Let’s get the creditors who are harassing you out of the picture.

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