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When you come to Huebner Law Firm, PC, I can help you understand whether or not you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is the most common form of bankruptcy as it erases the majority of an individual’s debts. As a Fort Worth bankruptcy lawyer with more than 20 years of legal experience and a commitment to providing non-judgmental and knowledgeable representation, you can trust in me to help you fight for financial freedom.

Since most debt is discharged in a Chapter 7, the court does have certain requirements concerning this form of bankruptcy. A number of factors are considered when determining whether or not an individual is eligible, but ultimately, this chapter of bankruptcy is meant for those individuals who cannot reasonably afford to pay off dischargeable debts.

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Do I Qualify for Chapter 7?

Below are the qualifications for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • You must pass the means test.
  • You must be an individual, married couple, or a small business owner.
  • You cannot have a Chapter 7 discharge from a previous filing in the last 8 years.
  • You cannot have a Chapter 13 discharge from the last 6 years. Note that the filing period starts from when the previous bankruptcy was filed, not when the actual bankruptcy was discharged.
  • You cannot have a bankruptcy that was dismissed in the last 180 days due to a violation of a court order, fraudulent filing, or via a request for dismissal because the creditor wanted the automatic stay to be lifted.
  • You must attend a credit counseling course within 180 days before the bankruptcy discharge. If you do not attend it in time, your case will be dismissed.

What is the Means Test?

To qualify for Chapter 7, you must pass the means test. This calculates whether or not you have enough disposable income to repay your debts. It takes a look at your income, expenses, and your household income. It was designed to restrict the number of people who could have their debts forgiven, however, many people are typically able to pass it with ease.

There are two parts to the means test. The first part checks if the income in your household is below the state median income. If it is below the median income, then you will have passed the test and you will be allowed to file. Another part of the test also looks at your income and expenses over the last six months. This may be more complicated and it is advisable to have an experienced Fort Worth Chapter 7 attorney to help you out. Things such as rent, groceries, clothing, and medical costs are “allowable expenses”, but note that what is allowed is based on national and local IRS standards. To ensure you are properly prepared, reach out to an attorney to be certain.

How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Works in Texas

After filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is put into effect, which immediately halts creditors from harassing you and attempting to collect on debts. The automatic stay prevents the following:

This stay is in effect until your bankruptcy case is resolved. During this time, your Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney will work with you, a trustee, and your creditors to discharge any debts that are found to be dischargeable. A trustee may claim certain non-exempt property to be sold, or liquidated, for the benefit of creditors in this process. However, in most cases, trustees find little to no property that is ultimately worth enough value to sell.

Nonexempt Assets in Chapter 7

In chapter 7 bankruptcy, the earnings from the sale of the assets are used to pay off some or all of the creditors. If you are thinking about filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must be willing to liquidate some of your property and assets (listed above) to pay your debts. However, having a Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney on your side means you'll have more control over what you'll be asked to sell and what you're allowed to keep.

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